In 2014, with funding under OPAC in the NRA, the project “Introduction of complex administrative services, including through automated data exchange with published registers of the administration” was implemented.The overall goal of the project is to modernize the administrative service of citizens and businesses by the NRA by introducing complex administrative services in the general framework of e-government. With the implementation of the project, the ESS / Electronic Services System / was established, through which 26 electronic administrative services were implemented. Achieving the general objective includes the following specific objectives:

  • Creation of conditions for integration of the NRA information resources to the standard and interoperable information-communication environment for better administrative service of the citizens and the business.
  • Facilitating the access of the users to complex administrative services electronically, related to the regulatory functions of the NRA;
  • Improving the organization of work in the NRA departments, directly involved in the activities of the administrative service.

In the following years, several projects were implemented with funds from the NRA budget, the aim of which is to upgrade the ESS. The implementation of the ESS Upgrade Project with integration with the electronic payment environment to providers of electronic administrative services is currently underway.In 2019, an electronic register for reporting and control of ionizing radiation sources in the Republic of Bulgaria was developed with budget funds. The establishment of a register for reporting and control of SIR in the Republic of Bulgaria provides an opportunity for real-time registration and traceability (“online”) of all available SIR in the country and for operational exchange of information during periodic inventories according to the ASUNE requirements. The register provides automation of the work of the NRA inspectors by creating an opportunity for express checking according to various criteria and notification in case of problematic situations related to the reporting, control and traceability of the SIR.