Research reactor

Reactor type: IRT-2000Commissioning date: 1961Shutdown date by decision of CUNEPP: 1989Final shutdown date by decision of Council of Ministers: May 199906.07.2001 – Council of Ministers’ Decision on reconstruction and partial decommissioning of the research reactor type IRRT-2000 by its reconstruction to a reactor with low power 200kWLicensing status:

  • 18.12.2002 – permit for designing of a research reactor with low power
  • 24.04.2004 – technical project submitted in BNRA with an application for design approval

Current status: the process on issuing an order for technical project approval is suspended until the final ruling of SAC on the dispute related to the appealing against the EIA decision of the facility.In 2008 the implementation of the joint project of Republic of Bulgaria, Russian Federation, USA and IAEA for discharging the site was finalized.