NEA (Nuclear Energy Agency)

The Nuclear Energy Agency (AEA) is an intergovernmental organization within the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). It was founded in 1958. The headquarter of the Organization is in Paris. 34 countries participate in the NEAP. The Republic of Bulgaria joined the organization on January 1, 2021. The main goal of the Organization is to assist its members in establishing a joint expertise on the safe development of nuclear energy for peaceful purposes. As an organization of countries that operate almost 90% of the world’s nuclear power, NEA is a forum for sharing information and experience and for developing international cooperation and reaching consensus on nuclear energy development policy. The Nuclear Energy Agency ensures the conduct of expert missions and assessments, the preparation and publication of analysis reports on various topics and the formulation of agreed positions on key issues of nuclear safety and radioactive waste management for subsequent preparation of strategies and national programs. Within the Organization there are specialized technical committees:
  • Committee on Nuclear Regulatory Activities,
  • Committee on the Safety of Nuclear Installations,
  • Radioactive Waste Management Committee,
  • Committee on Decommissioning of Nuclear Installations and Legacy Management,
  • Committee on Radiological Protection and Public Health,
  • Nuclear Law Committee,
  • Committee for Technical and Economic Studies on Nuclear Energy Development and the Fuel Cycle,
  • Nuclear Science Committee,
There is a Management Board for the Development, Application and Validation of Nuclear Data and Codes. An important part of the structure of the NEA is its Information Bank (NEA Data Bank). Within its specific functions, for BNRA it is essential to participate in the joint activities within NEA on the development of the regulatory and regulatory framework in the field of safety in the use of nuclear energy. Representatives of the Nuclear Regulatory Agency are members of the following working bodies of the NEA:
  • Nuclear Law Committee (NLC)
  • Committee on Nuclear Regulatory Activities (CNRA)
  • Working Group дх Safety Culture (WGSC)
  • Working Group on Inspection Practices (WGIP)
  • Working Group on the Regualtion of New Reactors (WGRNR)
  • Radioactive Waste Management Committee (RWMC)
  • Regulators Forum (RWMNC-RF)
BNRA has institutional access to the Data Bank of the organization.